Sick Days

No…not me. I’m as healthy as can be. It’s my Mom that’s sick. Poor mom. She’s all sniffly and wheezy. I feel sorry for her. It’s fun hard work, cuz all day long me and Brudder Ranger have hung out on our BED, snoring away keepin’ a close watch on her. Sometimes I really don’t know what our humans would do without us.

See how I’m keeping one eye open at all times – just in case? It’s tough takin’ care of a sick mom!



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4 responses to “Sick Days

  1. Hi Mayzie, I love your blog. Good job taking care of your mom – I hope she feels better soon!

    • Thank you very much. I just looked at your blog and it’s great! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for being a foster mom. Me, my Brudder Ranger and my kitteh-siblings all had foster parents before we came to live with mom and dad. And they think foster moms and dads are the best people that ever were! (Oh, and tell Noelle I luvs her ears!)

  2. Amy

    The expression you’re showing in that picture looks exactly like our Mazzy. With your brindle fur, facial expression, and name you’re like doppelgangers. Feel better!

    • Mom thought the same thing…especially when she saw Mazzy’s downward dog pose. That’s one of my faves, too! (And mom is starting to feel a bit better. I’m a very good nurse!)

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