Guess what I did this weekend? I went to Albukerkee (mom says that’s not how you spell it but the way she told me to spell it doesn’t make sense so I think she’s trying to trick me).

My Aunt Krista lives there. I met her a few months ago when she came up to visit mom and dad. She’s super nice! And I got to meet my Uncle Chad and my Cuzin Bridger for the first time. I really like my Uncle Chad but THIS is my Cuzin Bridger…

I think he’s the handsomest, nicest dog I ever met (aside from my Brudder Ranger, of course). Mom says he’s a Spinone Italiano. Isn’t that the most exotic thing you ever heard? He was really nice to me and showed me all the cool stuff around his house, like where the water bowl was and where the guest bedroom was (they have a BED, too!).

I was glad he did because I still get scared going into a house I’ve never been in before. You just never know what’s gonna jump out at you! But after I checked everything out – and saw that Brudder Ranger and Cuzin Bridger weren’t scared – I decided it wasn’t so bad after all.

And then, let’s see…we went for a walk around the neighborhood and that was fun. Then the next day, we went to this big open space and got to explore and sniff. When I first came to live with mom and dad, I was scared of big open spaces because I’d never seen any before. But now I think they’re the greatest things ever!

And while we were there, Cuzin Bridger showed us how to be a bird dog. You walk back and forth and back and forth looking for the birds, which seems like a lot of work to me. Especially since we didn’t find any birds. And Brudder Ranger showed us how to look for rabbits by checking under all the bushes and trees. And I showed them how to look for little critters under ground. You just pounce on a hole and then quick! Dig like crazy!

Gosh, we had a great time and we were good and worn out when we got back. Then that night I went in their backyard and when I tried to come back in, the glass door was closed but I thought it was open! So I ran into it and it scared me and I decided it would just be safer to stay outside. But mom came and got me and made me go back inside the house. I felt kinda silly, I can tell ya that. Right after that, I heard mom telling Aunt Krista that I’m “special.” Which is totally the truth.

Then the next day we went for another neighborhood walk and then got in the car and came home. Even though I had a really good time, I was SO happy to be back in my own house. I ran around and checked everything out and played with my toys and rolled around on the bed. I can’t wait til Cuzin Bridger comes to visit so I can show him all the cool stuff about MY house! I bet he’ll like it a lot.


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4 responses to “Albukerkee

  1. daisydog

    Wow an Italian cousin? How is his cookin? can he make good meatballs? Very important, sauce too.

    • Well, Bridger’s not too much into cookin’. But he’s REALLY good at eating. I mean, really really good at it. The day before we got there, he got a jar of treats down from the countertop (without breaking the jar), took off the lid and ate all the treats. Is that impressive or what?

  2. Bridger *is* pretty darn handsome. Sounds like a good guy. And it sounds like you had a great time explorin’ and learning how to be just a tad braver!

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