The dog in the oven

There’s a dog that lives in our oven. Seriously! There is! And it freaks me out!

Now, I only see this dog at certain times of the day when the light is shining just right. And I don’t usually see it unless mom puts a plate or bowl down for me in front of the oven. And then sometimes I don’t see it until I lift my head. But then, WHOA!, there it is – staring back at me. It’s hard to describe what it looks like cuz it’s kinda dark in the oven. But the one thing I know is that it’s got some great BIG stick-up ears. Mom and dad don’t seem to be concerned about it and if you can believe it, sometimes they even laugh at me when the dog jumps out at me like that. But I’m pretty darn sure that dog is up to no good.



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6 responses to “The dog in the oven

  1. My girls used to think other children lived in the oven, too, so you’re not all that weird, Mayzie. (Seeing the title of this post in my reader made me worry your post would have something to do with a BUN in the oven. So glad that’s not the case!)

  2. daisydog

    Maybe its your bruder Ranger?

  3. Mr. B. saw a mirror once and he was so confused about where the dog came from. We have a brindle too, and her name is Mazzy (aka: Miss M.). She is a lot fatter than you.

    • Hi there! My mom likes to read your blog and she showed me pictures of Mr. B and Miss M. Be sure and tell them I said I think they are really cute. (And tell Mazzy that brindle chicks rock!)

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