I’m a dog with a blog!

Hi. I’m Mayzie. Well, you probably figured that out from the title of the blog, huh?

Okay, a little about me. I’m about 2 1/2 years old. I was rescued from a not-so-nice place by a wonderful lady-human, my Angel-Donna last January. In March of last year, I had to go to this thing called an adoption fair to try to find a new family. I wasn’t too sure about that, let me tell you! Up til then, I had stayed my whole life tied up with rope in a backyard in the country and the big city was REALLY scary. But in walked this nice looking lady-human and wouldn’t you know it? She sat down on the floor to pet one of the other dogs. Well, I can’t tell you why but I knew right away this was MY human and so I did something that to this day I can’t believe I did. I walked right over, plopped myself in her lap and told her as plainly as I could that she belonged to me and that she was to please take me home with her.

But can you believe it? She petted me, told me I was a good girl and then she left! I was very sad. Then 2 weeks later, I got the surprise of my life! The lady and a nice man came to visit me where I was staying and they brought their other dog, Ranger, to meet me. (Ranger is THE coolest dog that ever, ever lived. I love him.) And then a couple of weeks after that, they came and brought me home.

I was happy but it was kinda hard living in a house for the first time. There were these slidy floors made out of wood and these steep things called “stairs” and this big, evil bird-looking creature called a “ceiling fan.” This picture is me the first week I came home. See how mom had put down rugs because I was scared of the floors?

But mom and dad were really patient and I tried really hard not to be scared and now I don’t mind those things at all. (Okay, I’m still a little scared of the ceiling fan but I’m working on it.)

Well that’s probably all you need to know for now. It’s my bedtime so I’m gonna go. Bye!



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3 responses to “I’m a dog with a blog!

  1. Oh Mayzie, we are so very glad you have a wonderful forever home. We were so sad to learn that you were tied up!
    Martha had never lived in a house either so she really can understand how scary it is for you.
    She has been in her forever home for over a year now and is getting much braver.
    But it is very hard with so many strange noises and smells and sometimes these humans just can’t imagine how hard it is.
    We just know that with all that love waiting for you it will be fine. A big brother too – sounds perfect.
    We are not so sure about the kitty cats although our mum says all of her last dogs have lived with a kitty cat. It was two different dogs but the same cat who lived for 22 years and sorted out dogs with no trouble at all.
    We are not sure what she would have made of us!
    You now have the perfect family with lots of love and care so we know you will get braver every single day.
    There were times when we thought we might have to visit the Wizard of Oz to ask him to give Martha courage but we are getting there…….
    Welcome to blogland.
    Martha, Bailey and Mum xxxx

  2. Well I didn’t think your first postie was boring at all! My big sister Raven, she went to the Rainbow Bridge last year, well anyway I guess when she first moved in with mom way back in the last century or something, mom’s house had all these carpets and everything was fine. Then one day mom ripped up the carpets and underneath were the scary slidy floors, just like at your house. So what I heard was that when mom brought Raven home from a play date next door, Raven wouldn’t even come in the front door she was so scared of the scary slidy floors. Then mom put little rugs all around the room so Raven could get from the front door into the kitchen and then to the back door too. So you’re not alone there.

    Personally I like the slidy floors because in winter, mom pitches my ball down the hallway… sometimes I run too fast and slam! bam! right into the doorways or the walls and sometimes I even slip and fall right on my butt and keep sliding and it’s super fun! You should try it!


  3. Hello Miss Mayzie :o)
    Nice to meet you!
    I came over from Oskar’s PBU and I think it is just Pawsome what you are doing this coming Thursday. I’ll have Mommy (secretary) mark her calendar and we will come by :o)
    Your first postie is so sweet! My Mommy is using the Kleenex AGAIN! Geez, can’t she see the Big picture here?
    Sooo happy you found your forever home too ♥ You are verrrrrry pretty :o) and I’ll follow your bloggie from now on…

    Neeko :o)

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